Now You Can Find High-Probability Trades In Seconds With TAS Profile Scanner™

Introducing the top market screener for finding your best trades.

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How Can TAS Profile Scanner™ Help You In Your Trading?

Now you can find the best trades across multiple markets & timeframes... instantly.

Save Valuable Time

Proprietary algorithms use Market Profile™ logic to scan over 3,000+ global markets.

Dashboard Scanning

Organize your scanning with our Dashboard - filter and scan for the highest probability trades instantly, right on your screen.

Real Time Reports

Multi-timeframe "TAS Says" commentary interpretation live & updated 24/7 to guide you.

MTFC Analysis

The easiest way to use Multi-Timeframe Confluence in your trading - see the analysis instantly as never before.

Find The Best Trades

Filter & scan for the highest probability breakout trades with Dashboard Scanning View.

Find Relative Strength

Watch the Heat Grid to see which indices and ETFs are leaders - so you can trade with strength, not against it.

Gage Market Direction

Market Breadth analyzes the number of companies advancing relative to the number declining.

24/7 Technical Support

Our experienced and friendly support team is here to help you with anything you need, anytime - at your convenience.

These Powerful Features Are Build Into TAS Profile Scanner™

Now you can save valuable time, pinpoint market movers, & analyze markets faster than ever.

Revolutionize Your Trading... Up Your Probability & Save Time

Stocks · ETFs · Futures · Forex · 60 min, 240 min, Daily & Weekly Timeframes


TAS Profile Scanner Plus+ is the premier Market Profile™ volume-at-price based screener. Powered by the acclaimed TAS proprietary algorithms, this feature-rich scanner is a stand-alone desktop stoftware that instantly filters over 3,000+ global financial markets such as stocks, ETFs, commodity futures, and Forex.

Save valuable time, pinpoint market movers, and analyze markets like never before! This is Market Profile™ backed Multi-Timeframe Confluence at its best.

TAS knows the value of accurate and timely market generated information. Providing high probability trading setups is our business. The TAS Architecture and decision-support products have been an integral part of the institutional trading community and independent traders for over a decade.

We have captured the essence of auction market theory, and put it into a powerful container that provides a roadmap for the global marketplace. We created the TAS Profile Scanner to help you to grow your business in today’s competitive trading industry.

The TAS Profile Scanner monitors the "pulse" of the market, and it delivers directional bias cues without all the time required to analyze the charts. Assess opportunities across 3000+ instruments - Equities, ETFs, Futures, and FOREX markets. Also utilize our proprietary TAS Market Breadth within the scanner to know the true tide of the marketplace being analyzed.

Now, with the real time ability to view every equity in any sector or index relative to TAS Profiles, we can calculate percentages of balance, imbalance above, and imbalance below. We can determine the market breadth of underlying internals relative to what the index value is stating.

Screen Equities, Futures & Forex Markets...Instantly

Save time and find the instruments that are matter what market you trade.

  • DASHBOARD provides custom filtering and sorting.
  • HEAT GRID delivers color-gradient cues to show relative bullish or bearish bias.
  • MULTI-TIMEFRAME analysis through the Landscape Chart with inflection points & directional bias.
  • TAS SAYS commentary is like having a trading expert checking your trades along the way.
  • TAS BREADTH charts and statistics show a unique view of market metrics.
  • The Scanner monitors the "pulse" of the markets to find you high probability trade setups.
  • Stand-alone proprietary downloaded software gives you access without requiring a platform.
  • Saves you time by reducing analysis and allowing a chart-free quick view of opportunities.
  • Customization to your unique trading method, or use it with our "SMP MTFC Strategy".
  • For the most powerful strategic deployment, use Scanner in combination with TAS Indicators.

Institutions & Experts Use Market Screeners

In today's markets, faster analysis time using market screening tools is key to your success.

Screening Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3...

The Scanner Dashboard - Your "Flight Deck" For Trading

  • 1

    Open Scanner And Choose Your Markets

    Instantly, you will have the Market Profile analysis of your selected markets. GREEN is for long bias, RED is for short bias. At a glance, you can see the directional bias of all your favorite markets... or even ones you don't regularly trade but are undergoing a big directional move.

  • 2

    Decide Which Markets To Trade

    Decide which markets you will trade based on the Scanner analysis. For high-probability trades, look for markets with all GREEN or RED in the 60, 120, daily and weekly timeframes. This is the ultimate Multi-Timeframe Confluence analysis... and you can see it instantly, right on the Dashboard. It's trading with the pros, like the pros.

  • 3

    Monitor Your Trades

    Keep the Scanner Dashboard on-screen as you trade. You'll be instantly alerted with any changes in directional bias in the higher timeframe, giving you an early warning system for your intra-day trading or an action signal for your swing trading.

Trusted By Leading Experts...

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Top Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconDo I need a specific trading software platform to use Scanner?

    No, you don’t. Scanner is a stand alone software, so you can use it no matter what trading software platform you use – or even if you don’t use one at all.

  • q-iconHow can I login to Scanner?

    One you sign up and download Scanner, you’ll be given a unique login identity to use. This identity will save your settings and more.

  • q-iconI'm a TAS Indicators user - Do I still need my Scanner monthly membership?

    Scanner is a stand-alone product, that can be used in combination with the TAS 7-indicator suite, or on its own. At Stock Market Profile, we have a special package bundle for customers interested in both the indicators and Scanner that gives a discount off the monthly price of both.

  • q-iconHow do I make a trade based on Scanner's information?

    Stock Market Profile provides you with a high-probability multi-timeframe confluence strategy that you can use with Scanner. You can create your own strategies, or use the one we provide. We’re always adding new strategies here as well — so make sure you watch your inbox for Strategy Series updates!

  • q-iconHow do I set up my Dashboard with Scanner?

    Scanner is very user friendly, but the best thing to do when starting out is to watch our Getting Started With Scanner Series. This will help you with all the basics, and will get you going quickly.

  • q-iconDo I need to get the add-on Market Breadth feature?

    You can use Scanner with or without this feature, but we highly recommend it – especially for equities traders – so that you have a gauge of where individual instruments stand in relation to the overall market.

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Business Info

Stock Market Profile (SMP) is an authorized educator and provider of TAS Market Profile trading products. TAS uses Market Profile methodology to give a statistical edge to all their trading products.