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Setup your trading day with TAS. When you go ELITE you get to join the We Trade Desk where you have the opportunity to sit in with dedicated traders for three hours every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That’s enough time to share trades, discuss entries and signals, and get some real feedback from fellow traders who embrace the Market Profile method.

Once a month, Trader Steve hosts a full day trade-along event for ELITE members. You can choose to follow and trade along with him or sit back and enjoy the show, and you can discuss everything as it happens with the other traders in the room. This is a level of access few people will get to a professional expert trader’s behind-the-scenes method. You see the entries – the wins, the losses – and get a true feel for how TAS can transform your trading.

ELITE members also get to sit in on Secret Saturdays. Here Trader Steve shares his techniques and information that drill down to an even deeper level. Secret Saturdays happens once a month and serves as a master-mind group for TAS traders.

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Business Info

Stock Market Profile (SMP) is an authorized educator and provider of TAS Market Profile trading products. TAS uses Market Profile methodology to give a statistical edge to all their trading products.